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Reference Works on this Topic

  For reference works that may have articles or entries on this subject, see page under the "Reference Works" tab.

Find Books on this Topic

To find books in the Rider library collection on this and related subtopics, go to the online catalog and enter (or cut and paste) any of the following subject headings.

  • law--philosophy
  • International relations--Philosophy.
  • International law--Philosophy.
  • Justice.

Choose from among the list of more specific subject terms to see lists of books on each of those topics. 

You may also go to the Advanced Search page of the online catalog and add, in the first search box, the term "law."  Use the drop-down box to the right of the box, after "within," to specify as a "Subject".  In the second of the three search boxes, enter the term "philosophy," again using the drop-down box to the right, after "within," to specify as a "Subject". Then in the next search box add another term of your choice (for example, "international" within "Keyword anywhere") in order to narrow your search results.

Web Sites on This Topic

For other Web sites that cover this sub-topic in philosophy click on this Web Sites link or tab at the top of this page.