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Thinking About Graduate School in Philosophy?--Some Things to Consider

Careers for Philosophy Majors

What Can I Do With This Major?

A convenient website that helps you connect majors with careers. Each major contains an outline of common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities. Choose Links to find a list of websites that provide information about listed majors and related careers. Disclaimer: Please note that the websites listed under Links are not maintained by the Rider University Career Center but are provided as a convenience to students.

Lists and Rankings of Graduate Programs in Philosophy - Philosophy

These results contain 536 campus & online accredited graduate degree programs & graduate schools in the field of humanities & cultures, subject of philosophy & ethics, specialty of philosophy at the certificate & doctorate & masters levels in all locations from all types of institutions.

Philosophical Gourmet Report

A Ranking of Graduate Programs in the English- Speaking World. This report ranks graduate programs primarily on the basis of the quality of faculty. Faculty quality was determined via an on-line survey sent to 451 philosophers throughout the English-speaking world with 266 responding.

Criticisms of the Philosophical Gourmet

A Web Site developed by Prof. Richard Heck of Harvard University to counteract what Heck terms the "excessive influence of the Philosophical Gourmet Report."

Complete Hirsch Number Rankings of U.S. Philosophy PhD Programs

The data was obtained using Harzing’s Publish or Perish, which searches Google Scholar for the data to generate a Hirsch number for each scholar. Data was collected for each department based on faculty lists from the 2006-8 Leiter Report.

Grad Programs in Asian Philosophy and Religion (H-Net Online)

H-Net resides at MATRIX: The Center for Humane Arts, Letters, and Social Sciences Online, Michigan State University, but H-Net officers, editors and subscribers come from all over the globe.