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Rider Contact Tracing Procedures (9/25/2021)

Dear Faculty,


We recognize there are many logistics to navigate with our return to normal operations in the classroom while also dealing with COVID-19. This communication serves to outline our process for contact tracing in the event of a positive case among your students, as well as to share information with you regarding exempted, unvaccinated students.


Contact tracing
Regarding contract tracing, it is very important that you read, understand and follow our process.  Your timely response, if contacted, is critical to preventing any further spread arising from a COVID-19 positive case.


Please note that the contact tracing process allows us to identify close contacts as defined by the CDC.  Just because one student in a class or choir has tested positive does not mean that the entire class or choir will have to quarantine or be tested.  Only close contacts will be contacted and need to abide by the instructions provided. 


We also ask that you make sure that any student who indicates that they are COVID-19 positive has contacted the Student Health Center at 609-896-5060 or at  That allows us to keep track of cases and students and begin the contact tracing process.


When a student tests positive, the following steps will be taken:

-       The Student Health Center reports a positive case to Chris Botti, COVID-19 Case Manager, (609-895-5589;

-       Chris Botti reaches out to the COVID-19 positive student and makes any necessary accommodations for that student (moving to a different residence hall, coordinating absence with the Dean of Students Office so that faculty are informed of any absences related to COVID-19 quarantine or isolation, etc.)

-       As part of this process, the student is asked about potential close contacts

-       Close Contacts are identified as follows:

-       Anyone within 6 feet of the person for 15+ minutes, masked or unmasked

-       Anyone who has had physical contact with the person

-       Anyone who has had contact with any bodily fluids of that person

-       Anyone that lives with the person

-       The COVID-19 positive student is asked about people who were sitting within 6 feet of them in classes, rehearsals, etc.  This might require help from the faculty member to help identify who those close contacts are.  In this case, Chris Botti will directly reach out to the faculty member asking about where students are seated or arranged.  A timely response (ideally, same day) is key to the contact tracing process to prevent further spread of COVID among close contacts.  During this time, assigned seating and/or seating charts may greatly assist in this process and faculty are encouraged to consider this approach for the semester’s classes.

-       Once the list of contacts has been developed, Chris or another designated contact tracer will call each individual to let them know that they were identified as a close contact as well as next steps based on their vaccination status.

-       Vaccinated Individuals

-       Do not have to quarantine

-       Will need to wear a mask for the next 14 days when around other people

-       Will need to test 3-5 days after exposure

-       Unvaccinated Individuals

-       Must quarantine for 10 -14 days

-       Must test 5-7 days after exposure, if they are negative they can end quarantine on day 10 as long as they are symptom free.

-       Students can end quarantine or isolation only when cleared to do so by the Student Health Center.


Exempted, unvaccinated students

Before classes begin, there will be a confidential list of those students who are taking in-person classes/living on campus who received an approved medical or religious exemption from the COVID vaccination requirement.  They are required to comply with the masking and testing protocols for the duration of the semester.  The rest of our students who are taking in-person classes/living on campus are vaccinated -  a total of 96%.  This list will be sent to department chairs; faculty who wish to review this information should contact their chair beginning Friday, September 3rd.  As a reminder, information about a student’s vaccination status should not be disclosed to anyone or discussed with any student.


As you know, Rider has temporarily established an indoor mask requirement for everyone, regardless of vaccination status. When the local transmission and infection rates improve, we hope that this universal masking requirement will be revisited for fully vaccinated students, faculty, and staff. Those who have received an approved exemption from vaccination and remain unvaccinated will continue to be required to wear masks indoors throughout the entire semester and will be tested weekly.


Vaccine exemptions

Student requests for exemptions were evaluated through a formal application, review, and approval process managed by the Student Health Center. To date, approximately 150 students have been approved for a vaccine exemption.


Students not yet fully vaccinated

Some students will start the semester partially vaccinated (with one of two shots) and will complete their vaccine sequence after a short period of time. These students will also be tested weekly until such time as they are considered fully vaccinated (2 weeks after final dose).


A few final points

Faculty should ensure the safety of their classrooms by enforcing masking by all students in their classes and requiring that they complete Campus Clear on a daily basis. If and when the masking requirement for vaccinated students is lifted, please ensure those unvaccinated students on your list remain compliant with masking.  At no point should faculty confront or identify unvaccinated students.


Faculty who encounter resistance by any student, vaccinated or unvaccinated, who refuses to adhere to masking should ask the student to leave class and then report the event to the Dean of Students office. If a situation becomes confrontational, please call Public Safety immediately at 609-896-5029.


Thank you for your attention to this important matter.  Please reach out if you have any questions at


The COVID-19 Implementation Team



Work from Home Info Page

Those are useful links that may help you working from home.


Create a label from the link below

To send your package, you need to give it to a UPS driver or drop it off. Just go to and enter your ZIP code, check "Find a drop off location" then click Find. Often when you print the label, on the same page the system will print the UPS location or dropbox nearest to you.

If you have any problems with the return, please contact the Rider store manager, Deana Anderson (

Above info provided by Eric



Lyrasis is offering free classes through April 17th. Here is the link to sign up:

Rider offers staff training at

III offers free webinars in April 2020. Anyone at Rider can register and attend.




Use the following link to find out your home IP. A regular IP should look like

IPV4 net work

If you received a long string of numbers, then you should use the following link to get your IP (IPV6):




For Web based Sierra, use the following link

If you want to install desktop Sierra, please contact Sharon Y. It is possible

OCLC Connexion (as long as you have a login, you will be fine. You can also download Window based Connexion''' which is free and available on the web and for Windows. No license issue. There is Mac Connexion)


You can also install Connexion on your computer. Download Connextion from the link below. Install should be easy

In both cases, you need an ID and pass to login. Contact Sharon Y or Melissa for ID and pass


Call the Moore Library reference phone at least once a hour to check messages

For instruction, contact Heather or the chair of Moore Department. The instructions are in a Word document


the OIT Virtual Office Hours are M-F (4/6-5/6) from 2-3 PM


Moore Library

If a faculty member is planning to request a library-owned DVD/video for the streaming reserve during the remainder of the semester, please complete the form located at: This will ensure that we are able to work with OIT to have the streaming reserve ready for your course.

If a faculty member would like to stream a personal media item that is available in DVD format, please email the librarian with the information so the library may try to purchase the item. Then, complete the following form: Again, please send the email and complete the form.

If it isn’t a copy that we are able to purchase then, the faculty member may drop it off in a drop box in Rider Public Safety. OIT will return DVDs and pick up library's DVDs from the Moore library circ desk. Acquisitions person will be there between 11 a.m.-12 p.m. Facililties will disenfect the library on Wed after we visit.

The ILL person will place the DVDs on the counter of the circ desk and notify OIT Dayne or JJ who have the key to the library and will pick up. After streaming they will return all the DVDs back to the same place.

Workflow for streaming DVDs

- Online form, OIT ticket system, Direct email - request is made. (In-person prohibited)

- Library staff checks streaming service to see if item(s) are already available.

- If available, Library staff goes into Canvas course and adds item(s) to video browser.

- If not, Library staff pulls item(s) from the library collection.

- Library staff checks out item(s) using Sierra.

- Library staff places item(s) in a designated location for OIT retrieval.

- Library staff opens ticket in OIT ticket system (if request was not originally made through this system) to notify of new request.

- OIT retrieves item(s).

- OIT processes request, places digital item(s) in streaming service, and adds item(s) in Canvas course.

- OIT places item(s) back in designated location.

- Library staff retrieves item(s) from designated location.

- Library staff places item(s) in back office until the end of the semester. This prevents item(s) from being circulated.

Media Services does not have the ability to convert Bluray media at this time.

From Sharon W

Adjunct Librarian Timesheet

This online timesheet is on trial

Moore Department meeting 2019-2020

November 19, 2019 at 3pm (Tuesday)

December 9, 2019 at 3pm (Monday)

January 30, 2020 at 3pm (Thursday)

February 21, 2020 at 11am (Friday)

March 11, 2020 at 3pm (Wednesday)

April 24, 2020 at 11am (Friday)

May 8, 2020 at 11am (Friday)

June 19, 2020 at 11am (Friday)


Make an announcement to Rider in Bronc Nation

[Publicize Your Event and Track Attendance in BroncNation at]


Moore weeding project

LibChat Login

Login at


Moore Library Print Policy

1. For students

If a student forgets his/her ID, we allow them to print using the guest print card. A library staff must swipe the card for the student and record the name and pages used each time so we have statistics to report to OIT.

1. For faculty

We allow faculty to use the guest card (staff member must swipe the card for faculty). Circ staff will take down the name and will charge the department.

3. Area resident

We charge them $25 per page and give the money to OIT

The policy is passed on 2/8/2019 at the department meeting


How to Turn on the Big TV behind the reference desk

1. Get the remote control from one of the cabinets below circ computers with "NEC" on it.

2. Point it to the TV and press the red button to turn it on.

3. You may see "No signals". Press "source" on the remote control.

4. Choose MDH1 (there are 2, 3, etc.)

5. The right display will be on.


Rider Cloud Office

The link to cloud office is at

Rider Provided training

Moore Department Docs

Frequently Asked Question by David Reynolds


How do I clear my browsing data (cache and cookies)?

Why am I getting an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when I try to access a library database?

Why am I getting a Secure Connection Failed or SSL Protocol error message?


How do I clear my browsing data (cache and cookies)?

Why am I getting an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR when I try to access a library database?

Why am I getting a Secure Connection Failed or SSL Protocol error message?


New Academic Policy Manual 2017

Rider University Academic Policy Manual 2017/18

Sierra Workflow Manuals Created by Staff

Add items in Sierra

Enter a New Patron manually

Hold/request and recall

Missing item procedure

Sierra Circulation Instructions

Circ instructions ILLs

ILL Lending Loans

ILL Lending Copies

ILL Charge Cheat Sheet

Talbott Lending Periods and Fines 2-14-17

ILL Borrowing Procedures


Buy Microsoft Office online at Rider

The University's Microsoft license agreement allows current employees to purchase Microsoft Office and Windows products for home use at a nominal cost. The cost to download Microsoft office for Windows or Mac is only $9.95. Last fall, Microsoft changed the way it distributes the software for home use. Instead of purchasing CDs from the library, the software is now purchased online and downloaded to a computer. To access the new download service, OnTheHub, go to and log in using your Easypass credentials. Contact the Help Desk at 609-219-3000 or if you need assistance.


Moore ER/RIP List

Sierra/Innovative new forum information

To subscribe to the new forum, you need to go to user group website at

The tutorial is at

Our member code is 1622. You may need this to create an account if you have not done so.


Moore Dept Google Drive Table of Contents


University Academic Policy Manual 2018/19

Sierra Implementation information Center

Enter here

Investigation into systems by Rider Libraries

Rider University Libraries are reviewing library systems. We need input from everyone. Please enter the following website for the info related to reviewing process. Library Automation Committee is the driving force behind this. Please contact the committee (Melissa Hofmann is the chair) for suggestions/comments/more info.

Enter here for library systems


When a faculty make a photocopy request for a journal article that can be found in Talbott

OK, some clarification: Yes, if and when a Moore Librarian receives a faculty photocopy request for a journal that only Talbott Library carries, the Moore Librarian should forward the faculty photocopy request from the journal to Talbott via this intralibrary loan address:

Talbott Librarians will then handle this request, verifying the citation and making the scan or photocopy. I am told that this has not happened before and may not ever happen again!

Our policy manual only refers to faculty photocopy requests from journals--not other materials. Faculty, staff, administrators, and students needing to look at reference or non-circulating book or non-circulating music scores must still go to the particular library that carries those materials as always.

Hope this helps!


April 23, 2014


Headings Used on Email Subject Line when Making a Request, Moore Department

APPROVED REFERENCE SWITCH (reference desk switch email subject line) - doesn't have to be caps; just needs the word "Approved"

APPROVED RIP (you found someone to cover the desk in advance of your scheduled instruction session)

Approved ER (neither the dept chair or scheduler were available to coordinate emergency reference. This is used to notify of an ER scheduled or completed. We do not use ER for scheduled sick days but the dept chair may elect to use this for summer leaves.)

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT (faculty development time request email subject line, with form)

TIME OFF - LEAVE (leave time request email subject line, with form)

TIME OFF - SICK (sick time request email subject line, with form)

TIME OFF - COMP (comp time request email subject line, with form)

Moore RIP/ER Link