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News Sources in Library Databases

We aslo have access to news throughout our databases.

Use the Journals search on the library home page to see if we have access to a particular newspaper or news magazine. Search by title.

  • For The Wall Street Journal, there are three separate editions. To search them all at once, use the Wall Street Journal DATABASE instead. This link is found by clicking the orange Databases button.
  • For The New York Times, there are also several editions, such as the Late Edition (Eastern) and the Online edition. To search them both, use the New York Times DATABASE instead. This database also searches the New York Times Book Review and The New York Times Magazine, as well as New York Times (Video).


Library home page with red arrow and red box pointing the blue Journals button.

Example: Search in Journals for Washington Post.

  • Open the + to see where which databases contain the title and for which dates.
  • We have access through databases Nexis Uni and Regional Business News.
    • Click the link to get to the title and to browse by date, or search within that title.


Search and results for Washington Post in Journals. Lists access through Nexis Uni and Regional Business News.



Example: Search in Journals for Christian Science Monitor.


Christian Science Monitor results in Journals. Three results with the access listed underneath.



With Journals, you can also browse by discipline and then limit "Resource Type" to News.

Browse by discipline: Health & Medicine highlighted.



Browse by Discipline: Health & Medicine is selected. Resource Type: News is highlighted.


Results shown: 9 newspapers after limiting to discipline health and resource type newspaper.