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News Sources in Library Databases

We have access to the The New York Times through the database ProQuest, not through the The New York Times website. . Articles are in text format; The New York Times Book Review and The New York Times magazine also have accompanying PDFs that preserve the print layout. Depending on the article, graphics are included, but the website layout is not preserved. Videos are available through New York Times (Videos), searchable here

When you find an article online that you can't access because you've hit a paywall, come here. Often, it is tricky to find the article by title in the database, because the headline on the website and the official published headline do not match.  Or if an online article was just published, there may be a delay before that article is available in the database.

  • Search by article title in quotes
  • If this fails, search by author name and a keyword and limit by date (use Advanced Search)
  • Ask a librarian! We will be happy to hunt it down.




New York Times Late Edition, April 17, 2020 articles listed

Advanced Search options allow you to be more specific in your search by limiting search terms to specific fields in multiple boxes.

You can choose your publication date here, if you know it.

New York Times Advanced Search screen with drop-down box showing options to search within specific fields. Publication date field highlighted in red box.

Limit after your search to the following options: Publication date, Publication title, Document type, Subject, Company/organization, Location, Person, and Language. Expand each box by clicking on the down arrow to see filter options from your search results.

The most helpful in finding a particular article may be the Publication date, if you know it.

Limits on left-hand side highlighted. Search results grayed out.

Expand the Publication date category to get options. If you click on a date range box, you will be presented with a calendar to choose your date.

Limits Source Type lists Newspapers, Magazines, and Blogs, Podcasts & Websites. Publication Date shows graph of articles and boxes to enter date ranges.

In order to browse the articles published on a certain date, you have to choose a particular edition.


1. Go to the Publications tab for The New York Times in the ProQuest database.

Shows the "Pubications" menu option highlighted.

2. Click on the particular edition: Late Edition (East Coast); Online, New York Times Magazine, etc.

3. Scroll down to find the years. Expand to find by month and day.



1. In the Publications tab in the New York Times database, choose the edition you wish to browse. Perhaps you are looking for the full text of an article you saw online at, so we will choose the Online edition.

Shows the first 4 of 5 publications included in The New York Times search, with the online edition hightlighted.


2. Here is the detailed record for the Online edition. To browse by date, scroll down to "Browse Specific Issues." Expand the Year and Month to see a listing of the articles published on that date.


New York Times Online record shown, with Browse Specific Issues highlighted, and 2020, April expanded to show specfic dates.

3. Here we are browsing the April 17, 2020 issue of The New York Times (Online). 290 articles are listed. There is an option to "Search within" this issue, which brings you to search box at the bottom of the page where you enter search terms, such as words in the title of the article you are looking for.


New York Times browsing issue for April 17, 2020 with the Search Within option highlighted.

Example: Browsing the Late Edition (East Coast) for April 17, 2020.


Brose of New York Times Late Edition for April 17, 2020, showing first three results

The Publications tab shows the five versions of The New York Times included in a search. You could select a particular version here, if you wanted, if you knew in which edition it was published, but this is not necessary. Here is where you would select a publication to BROWSE BY DATE.

Note: Return to the Basic Search or Advanced Search to search for an article (do not search here in Publications). Article titles usually differ between the printed Eastern Late edition and the Online Edition. By searching all the titles, you should be able to find what you are looking for. (If you can't, chat with a librarian! We will help!)

All 5 publications listed for The New York Times on the Publications page: The Late Edition (East Coast), The New York Times Book Review, New York Times Magazine, New York Times (Online), and New York Times (Video).