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COM-531 Legal and Ethical Issues for Professional Communicators (Ebo, Spring 2016)

Sample Searches

Library One Search search tips:

a. Use Advanced search interface.

b. Search by keyword  and limit search in Subject (SU) or Abstract (AB) field.

c. Capitalize connectors AND /OR. Connect synonyms with OR.

d. Limit to Full text or Scholarly Journal (Peer-reviewed) articles or both.
e. Use truncation symbol
* to extend searching various forms of a root word (e.g. swim* will find swimming, swimmer(s) and swimsuit).

r.  Use quotation marks for phrase search (e.g. "cost of living").

Keywords strategies for searching your topics: Search Library One Search

  1. Claiming Ignorance: The Ethical Implications of CEOs Not Taking Responsibility for Crisis
    (CEO* OR "chief executive officer*" OR "senior manager*") (AB) AND (responsib* OR liab*) (AB) AND (crisis OR disaster) (SU)

    Also search business database ABI/INFORM

  2. A Look at Net neutrality: Debate about the Regulations
    "net neutral*" AND (regulation* OR law* OR rule* ) (SU)

  3. Covert Marketing on the Internet and Social Media and its Effects on Consumer Privacy
    ("covert marketing" OR "stealth marketing" OR "buzz marketing" OR "undercover marketing") (AB) AND (consumer* OR customer*) (SU) AND (internet OR "social media") (AB)

  4. Ethical Concerns for Children and Targeted Online Advertising
    child* AND (ethic* OR moral) AND (online advertising OR internet advertising) (SU)

  5. Gender Equality and Empowering Women
    gender equality (SU) AND empower* women (AB)

  6. Social Media as an accelerant to Narcissism
    "social media" AND narcissism (SU)

  7. How Plagiarism affects Literary Expression 
    (plagiarism AND literary expression) found nothing. There are little connections between these two terms. If you are looking for digital plagiarism against artists such as writers, movie maker or song writers, you can try:

    (plagiarism OR pirat*) (SU) AND (digital or electronic OR online) (AB) AND (artist* OR singer* OR writer* OR movie* OR film*) (AB)
  8. The Use of Social Media in Hiring Practices
    "social media" AND (hiring OR recruit*) (SU)

  9. Privacy and Social Media
    "social media" AND privacy (SU)

  10. Legal and Ethical Implications of Domestic Violence in the NFL
    (legal OR ethic* OR moral) AND (domestic violence OR family violence) AND (NFL OR national football league) (SU)

  11. How Social Views Influence Symbols in Brands
    symbol* (SU) AND brand* (SU) AND (social view* OR perception* OR perspective*) (AB)