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COM-531 Legal and Ethical Issues for Professional Communicators (Ebo, Spring 2016)

Identify Your Topic

First, choose a problem or question that can be addressed using information.

What interests you?

What is a suitable topic for your assignment?

What is a research question appropriate for the scope of your assignment?

As you identify keywords related to your topic, it may be helpful to find some background information to gain a good overview and better understanding of the context of your topic.

Conducting some brief background research can help you in finding additional terminology related to your topic, as well as specific events, dates, and names related to your topic.

The Rider University Libraries Reference Research Guide includes print and online references the Libraries provide for general topics and subject specific background information. 


Find Reference Books on Your Topic: Susteinability

1. Use the Library Catalog (Advanced Search), search your topic by keyword, limit to Subject field.
Note: (sustainab* will find sustainable, sustainability)

reference book search 1

2. Under Location, limit to Moore Reference Room

reference book search - location limit

3. Use the book call number to find the book on the reference shelf. 

3. Use call number to find the book on the Reference shelf

From Question to Keywords - tutorial

Make a list to keep track of keywords related to your topic. Keep it handy and revise as needed as you conduct your research.