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Music Education Research Resources


One great way to find journals is through our Publication finder. To use this, go to the library home page and click on the blue button that says "Journals" about halfway down the page. Here are some of the music education-specific journals we have:

The American Dalcroze Journal. 1999-2015. (Print only.)

American Music TeacherDecember 1999- (Print and online; Education Full Text).

British Journal of Music Education. v.1, no.1 (1984) - v.31, no.3 (2014) (Print only, Indexed in RILM).

The Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education. 1963 – (Print only, shelved by title in PERIODICALS). 

Bulletin of Historical Research in Music Education. 1980 – 1999 (title change to) Journal of Historical Research in Music Education 1999-2017 (online through JSTOR).

Contributions to Music Education.  Print: v.1 (1972) - v. 37, no. 2 (2010). Online access, via databases Education Full Text; Omnifile Full Text (2005)-.

General Music Today. 1995-2002 (Print), 1987- (Online access through journal website.)

International Journal of Music Education. 2004 – (Online only). 

Journal of Research in Music Education. 1953-2017 (Online from JSTOR); 1996-2011 (online from Education Full Text); 2001- (online from Ebsco Academic Search Premier).

Keeping up with experimental music in the schools. 1974-1976 (Print only - Talbott OFFSITE).

Keeping up with Orff-Schulwerk in the classroom. 1973-1983 (Print only - Talbott OFFSITE).

Kodály envoy. 1995- (Print only).

Music Education Research. 1999-2014 (Print and online through journal website).

Music Educators Journal [NafME]. 1934-2017 (Online from JSTOR); 1990- (online from Ebsco Academic Search Premier).

Music in Education. v.32 (1968)-v.42 (1978) (Print only - Talbott OFFSITE)

Music K-8. (Print and online through journal website)

Philosophy of Music Education Review. v.1 (1993)- (Print and online through JSTOR).

Research Studies in Music Education. 1993- (Print and online).

Teaching Music. 1993- (Print only at Talbott. Some missing issues; available online through NafME site).

Update: Applications of Research in Music Education. 2003-2016 (full text online from Ebsco Academic Search Premier).