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History of Style & Decor


Using Library One Search to find images

1. Type your keywords on the library website's main search box (This is what we call Library One Search).

screenshot of library one search with "ancient egypt" in search box

2. On the left-hand side, we want to limit to books and ebooks. You may need to click "Show more" as pictured below

library one search results list with callout to "show more" on left under source types


3. Select books and ebooks. 

screenshot of source types

4. Review results. screenshots of result lists with notes next to books N is for Art  D is history and you'll also see ebooks.


5. Here are the table of contents for an ebook. You may wish to browse the list of figures or the index. ebook Table of Contents screenshot


screenshot showing search phrase - explaining truncation and call out to left side limits for online access.



To search through the entirety of ebooks and articles, select "TX All Text"  in the pull-down menu to the right of the search box. 


screenshot library one search with "scarab seal" in search box. Pull down menu selection is TX "All Text"



1. To get to this screen below, click on the Advanced One Search Link from the library website. It's located under the search bar. 

 Click on Advanced Search located under the search

2. When in Library One Search, click on Imagine Search, in the top menu (towards the left). 

Picture of Advanced One Search with Image Search highlighted in the menu.

3.  Type in a search phrase, consider adding quotes to find the terms together. Pictured below "ancient egypt". 

On the results page, you may wish to limit to Historical Photos.

picture of one search screen with words "ancient egypt" and an arrow pointing to the left side where you can limit to Historical photos.

Here are some search terms

  • portraits
  • photograph
  • portraiture
  • pictorial works