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How To Create A Library Hold

This guide will walk you through the process of creating a hold on library items.

Creating a Hold

Did you know that you can make holds to request specific items from the library? This LibGuide will show you how!

To place a hold, find the item record on the library catalog. For example, say you are looking for a Mozart aria for mezzo-soprano, and have found this record that appears to be what you need:



From here, you will need to click on the button by the title that says "Request it". I have circled the button in red in the following image.


Clicking that button will take you to this page:



This will bring you to the login screen pictured above. For Rider University students, staff and faculty: you will need to enter your last name and your Bronc ID. Unsure of your Bronc ID number? Your Bronc ID can be found on your Rider ID card or under your Rider Key page.

For Talbott Music Library Friends: you will need to enter your last name and the last 9 digits of your unique patron barcode, issued by Talbott Music Library. For any questions in regards to patron barcodes, please email

The following step is very important!

You will get the following dialog box, and have a pull-down menu option to pick up the title from either Talbott Library or Moore Library. You must select the library that corresponds with where it came from! So, if you are requesting this particular book, which is from Talbott's collection, you will need to select the Talbott Library for pick-up at the Talbott Circulation Desk. If you are placing a hold on an item from Moore Library, you will need to select Moore Library and pick it up at the Moore Circulation Desk. 



It is also important to let us know (via the checkbox that says "I have a deadline for this material.") if you need an item quickly! Clicking the check on this will also give an option to let us know that you will no longer need the item after a certain date. You can then enter the date you need it by, or any other special instructions you might need in the text box following the checkbox.



From here, you will just need to click the Submit button:



This will send your request to us! From here, we will pull the item you need. If the item is already checked out, it may take as long as a full semester before you are able to receive the item, though if it is already on the shelf, it shouldn't take more than a day or two. When the item is ready, you will get an email that your item is ready for pick-up.