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Market Research


In the Business Source Premier Database, you can find published SWOT analyses for many public companies. You can find SWOT analyses within company profiles. You can see if there is a company profile for your franchise by clicking on the company profiles tab above the search bar.






If there isn't a SWOT analysis, you can create your own SWOT analysis by collecting information from multiple sources, such as company profiles, industry & market information, and news.   
  • Your Opportunities and Threats are about the industry, not the individual company. Look at industry profiles and a SWOT analysis for your competitor (you have the same O&T if you are in the same industry and you may or may not have the same S&W's). 
  • Your exact search terms to locate articles (in Business Source Premier, ABI Inform, or Lexis Nexis) will vary per your company. Consider using the advanced search. In one row, include the company name and use the pull-down box to select Company.  In another consider the phrases you'd like to find in your article. You can try strengths OR advantages. If that doesn't work, try customers OR consumers as the articles about the customers might discuss what they like or don't like about the products or services.