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Getting Started!

1. When you are in a library database viewing a database record, click Export on the left-hand side. 

Screenshot of an article record in an Ebscohost database with a arrow point to Export to Refworks on the right hand side.


2. Then choose Direct Export to RefWorks and click Save. 

Screenshot of Ebscohost Export Manager


3.  Click "Yes, export to the newest version of RefWorks

screenshot continue exporting to RefWorks?

4.  If you are accessing RefWorks for the first time, you'll need to create an account by clicking Create Account. Do not click "Use login from my institution"

Screenshot of Refworks create account page

5. Enter your Rider email address

Start using RefWorks Page- enter your Rider email

6.  RefWorks will import your citation

 Refworks import complete screenshot


7. Now you can work with your citations - arrange them in folders, etc. But probably the most exciting is Creating a bibliography.

Select the citations you wish to include. Click Create Bibliography. 

Screenshot refworks


8. Search or select a citation style

RefWorks Screenshot with citation style pulldown.