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McNair Summer Research Institute (MSRI) at Rider: Information Literacy Strand

This MSRI LibGuide is geared toward enhancing information literacy skills and research capabilities, equipping our students to undertake graduate-level research assignments and effectively compete in the rigorous environment of graduate school.


What subjects?

While we think of this database as focused on business, industry, and market research, there are many other statistics available. For example:

Mental Health Issues

Performing Arts

Statista home page


Enter a search term in the box. Then review results or look to the left for some limiters

Filtering by Region is very helpful; you can also chose Subject.

Below filters are other search options.





home page - statista


A slide has source information on the right. A Statista citation should always include this information as Statista is usually the platform, not the author. In this case, the APA citation would look like this:

An APA citation of a report from Statista with no author would look like this: