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Business of Media

Using IBISWorld

Below is what a report looks like and every tab on the side links to lots of information. Business ratios are under key statistics (at the bottom).





Citing Industry Reports from IBISWorld in APA 7th edition

Reference List:

Author last name, first initials. (Year). Report Name: Report Number. IBISWorld. 

Kennedy, K. (2021).  Music Streaming Services in the US. OD6193. IBISWorld. 

In-text citation:  
(Author, Year).  
Example: (Kennedy, 2021). 

Parts of a Citation

image from Ibisworld with arrows pointing to the location of author, date, report number, and report name.



We have access to many industry profiles, but each publisher has their own division of businesses into industries and not all industries have profiles in all the profile collections.  It is worthwhile to check them all even if you find information on your industry in one of them.  Different publishers, different information!