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The tabs at left can serve as starting points based on your information need.  If you have a major and want to know what jobs are associated with it, start with College Majors.  You can also start with your Skills or Interests. The What's it like? tab gives you links to find out the average salary of a particular job and whether or not there will be more jobs like it in the future.  This information is available nationally and for New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Are you interested in a particular Industry or company?  Try the Industry Information tab, or the Detailed Company Information tab, or the Business Articles tab at the left, and get help as needed from a librarian on duty.

Where are the Businesses I am interested in?  Reference Solutions is a fantastic database that allows you to search for businesses by type of industry and geographic location.  For example, you can create a list of all the photography studios in Mercer County. Try it!

Rider University's Career Development and Success Center

Whether you’re just starting to think about your major or career, or you’re gearing up to join the job market, there's still lots to discover about yourself, your passions and your career. Rider's Career Development and Success Center can help.