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Sustainable Rider

Tools and Metrics

Conservation Fund Carbon Zero Calculator

“estimated annual carbon dioxide footprint is the sum of the carbon dioxide that is produced by your home energy use, auto transportation, and air travel. The total number of lbs is converted to tons. On average, each tree planted as part of the Fund's Carbon Zero program sequesters approximately 1.33 tons of CO2 equivalent over a 70-year period.”

Conservation Fund’s “Metrics for Carbon Zero Calculator”

"Metrics and formulas for determining "Go Zero" for carbon dioxide produced by home energy use, auto transportation and air travel.

Green Footstep

"An assessment tool for reducing carbon emissions from building construction projects."..."The Green Footstep tool can be used on residential and commercial new and retrofit building construction projects, from pre-design through occupancy."

The Home Energy Saver Library: Carbon Footprint Calculators

"...a partial list of carbon calculators available on the Internet...Definitions, methods, and level of detail vary substantially. The presence of many features does not ensure a high-quality calculation."

Nature Conservancys carbon calculator

"Use The Nature Conservancy's carbon footprint calculator to measure your impact on our climate. Our carbon footprint calculator estimates how many tons of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases your choices create each year."