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Bi-partisan Speakers...Speaking out on climate change

It is no secret that Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich don't always see eye to eye, but they do agree that on the issue of climate change, we must take action now.

Coming Together To Protect The Planet

While Reverend Al Sharpton and Pat Robertson have different views on most issues, when it comes to the urgency of protecting the planet, they agree. "I am honored that Al Gore asked me to be a part of this campaign urging people to take care of the planet," Robertson said on the Christian Broadcast Network. “It's just common sense that we ought to be good stewards of the environment and do everything within our power to protect this fragile planet that we all live on." At the taping of this clip, the two joked and prayed together. If these polar opposites can come together on this important and moral issue, why can't you? Please join more than one million others who know it will take all of us coming together to solve the climate crisis.

First TV Ad

As Americans, we don't wait for other people to take the lead when a problem needs to be fixed. In this ad, William H. Macy shows that by solving the climate crisis, we are honoring an American tradition.

VHS Resources

Fury for the Sound: the Women at Clayoquot

Reveals the important role of women in establishing grassroots social movements like the one to protest clearcut logging in Clayoquot Sound on Canada’s West Coast. Depicts women of all ages fighting to protect the Sound, one of the largest remaining tracts of untouched Canadian rain forest.
Call Number: HQ1233 .F47 1997
Shelving Location:Circulation Desk
Number of Items: 2

Land Donation: Everyone Benefits

“Various state officials describe the environmental and financial advantages of land donation.” Produced by produced by Green Acres Program, NJDEP [and] State Agriculture Development Committee.
Call Number: HT169.9.D4 L35 2001
Shelving Location:Circulation Desk

Voices of the Sierra Tarahumara

"In the face of grave political and environmental danger, the Tarahumara Indians of northern Mexico are surviving the worst of human rights violations. The drug cartels of central Mexico have illegally taken over the Tarahumara aboriginal land, deforested without permission, planted massive quantities of marijuana and opium, and enslaved the people to cultivate the drug fields. Many Indians have been murdered, and survivors live in absolute terror"
Call Number: HN120.T36 V64 2001
Shelving Location:Circulation Desk

CD & DVD Resources

CD Collection [NOTE: all CDs, DVDs are located at the Circulation Desk in Moore Library]

Greening the Government: a guide to implementing Executive Order 13101

This is a 238 page report written by the White House Task Force on Recycling. The objective of the task force as outlined in this report "helps to weave responsible environmental management into federal activity by harnessing the government's purchasing power, incorporating environmental considerations into decision making, and encouraging waste prevention and recycling in daily operations." Al Gore chaired this task force.
Call Number: TD897.845 .G75 2000

DVD Collection

An inconvenient truth

Former Vice President Al Gore explains the facts of global warming, presents arguments that the dangers of global warning have reached the level of crisis, and addresses the efforts of certain interests to discredit the anti-global warming cause.
Call Number:QC981.8.G56 I533 2006

Bhopal: the Second Tragedy

More than ten years after "the world's biggest chemical disaster," there remain unresolved serious issues of unpaid damages, legal accountability, environmental reform and institutional failure on the part of Union Carbide, the chemical industry, and the U.S. and Indian governments.
Call Number: HD7269.C452 I522 2004

Blood and Oil: the dangers and consequences of America's Growing Dependence on Foreign Petroleum

"Based on the book Blood and oil by Michael T. Klare. The film unearths declassified documents and highlights forgotten passages in prominent presidential doctrines to show how concerns about oil have been at the core of American foreign policy for more than 60 years -- rendering our contemporary and military policies virtually indistinguishable." This DVD is 52 minutes long.
Call Number: HD9566 .B55 2008

Business Case for Sustainability

         "This DVD will explain how sustainability strategies can boost companies' reputation and brand value, increase profits by at least 38% over five years, avoid a growing "perfect storm" of risks, help companies do well by doing good, and attract, keep and motivate top talent."

  Call Number: HC79.E5 B88 2007

 Cosmos KCET and Carl Sagan Productions, Inc.

A DVD based on the television series produced by Carl Sagan.
Two episodes involve environmental concerns:
IV. Heaven and Hell - -"the infernal composition of the atmosphere of Venus and a warning about a similar effect :taking place on Earth due to global pollution and the 'greenhouse effect'"
XIII. Who Speaks for the Earth? "the danger of mankind technologically self-destructing"".
Call Number: QB44.2 .C683 2000

Five films about Christo and Jean-Claude

Call Number: N7193.C5 F58

Future of Food

“Documents the trend of unlabeled genetically-modified foods which have become increasingly prevalent in grocery stores. Unravels the complex web of market and political forces that are changing the nature of what we eat. Explores organic and sustainable agriculture as alternatives to large-scale industrial agriculture.” Notes: two DVDs in one box.
Call Number: TP248.65.F66 F88

Global Resources Management and Competition

"According to most experts, globalization is increasing with unstoppable momentum. But the resulting debate is heating up just as quickly -- and anyone who participates needs a thorough grounding in the issues. This four-part series provides a foundation for studying the political economy of international trade, finance, development, and natural resource competition. Using concise case studies, straightforward explanations of complex financial concepts, and interviews with renowned experts -- including Dr. Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University, Bank of Israel Governor Dr. Stanley Fischer, and former World Bank president James Wolfensohn -- this series gives viewers the wide-ranging subject coverage necessary for sustained class dialogue and discussion." This DVD is 39 minutes long.
Call Number: HD75 .G56 2006

Global warming: the signs and the science

“This documentary profiles people who are living with the grave consequences of a changing climate, as well as the individuals, communities and scientists inventing new approaches to safeguard our children’s future.”
Call Number: QC981.8.G56 G563 2005

Good Food

          This 73 minute documentary discusses sustainable agriculture in the northwest part of the US.

  Call Number: S449 .G66 2008

Green Architecture Environmentally Friendly Housing

This short (31 minute) DVD describes the efforts of 20 teams of college students involved in the 2007 Solar Decathlon.
Call Number: NA2542.36 .G74 2008

Growing the Green Economy

This 59 minute DVD "addresses the financial, technological, and organizational obstacles to an eco-friendly global economy with examples of green projects and insights from engineers, energy experts, venture capitalists, and product development specialists. Looks at experiments like the Chicago Climate Exchange, a voluntary pilot program for the trading of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide. Examines how venture capital is moving into renewable and sustainable energy companies and investing in solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, and biofuel power. Interviews with Tradelink president Keith Bronstein, National Venture Capital Assoc. preseident Mark Heeson, Cleantech chirman Nicholas Parker, Al Gore, the author of "Natural capitalism", Hunter Lovins, Amory Lovins, Winston Hickox, Gary Hirshberg and many others." *
Call Number: HC79.E5 G76 2007

King Corn: you are what you eat

"Fueled by curiosity and a dash of naivete?, college buddies Ian Cheney and Curt Ellis return to their ancestral home of Greene, Iowa, to find out how the modest corn kernel conquered America. With the help of real farmers, powerful fertilizer, government aid, and genetically modified seeds, the friends manage to grow one acre of corn. Along the way, they unlock the hidden truths about America's modern food system." This DVD is 90 minutes long and is available at the circulation desk in Moore Library.
Call number: SB191.M2 K56 2008

Plan B: mobilizing to save civilization

         "As fossil fuel prices rise, oil insecurity deepens, and concerns about climate change cast a shadow over the future of coal, a new energy             economy is emerging." The DVD is 83 minutes long and there is supplemental materials available online

         Call number: HC79.E5 B7596 2010

Planet earth : the complete series [3 DVDs]

V. 1 The Living machine; the Blue Planet.
V. 2 The Climate Puzzle; Tales from other Worlds.
V. 3 The Solar Sea; Gifts from the Earth; Fate of the Earth.
Call Number: QE631.2 .P52 2004

Power of the sun

A one hour video on the physics, economics, politics, and social impact of solar power.[ (Publisher's website)
Call Number: TK2960 .P3 2005


A 62 minute DVD that discusses the conflict between communities and big business that purchases of the water supply in the third world. "This is a look at how water is becoming the catalyst for community resistance to globalization, and at the conflict between public stewardship and private profit."
Call Number: HD1691 .T54 2005


"Analyzes the causes and effects of the seemingly innocuous act of 'taking out the garbage', while showcasing the individuals, activists, corporate and advocacy groups working to affect change and reform the current model." DVD is 77 minutes long.

Call Number: TD788 .T72 2007 

Who Killed the Electric Car?

“In 1996, electric cars began to appear on roads all over California. They were quiet and fast, produced no exhaust and ran without gasoline. Ten years later, these cars were destroyed” Companion website
Call Number: TL220 .W46 2006
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