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VR: Virtual Reality- Equipment & Safety

Hygienic Practices for VR headsets

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised many questions about how to ensure safety and hygiene when using the Oculus Quest headsets. A clean headset means safe usage, which is important to the safety of the Rider Community.


Ways you can help to keep the Oculus clean:

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to using the VR headset and handling shared equipment. 


Ways that Rider Libraries' staff keep the Oculus clean:

  • Alcohol-based wipes prior and after each use. Alcohol-based products appear to be most effective against COVID-19.
  • Availability of disposable face pads.
  • Use of UVC light. Headsets can be decontaminated by exposing them to UVC light for a specific amount of time with a specific wavelength.  At Rider University Libraries, the CleanBox is used.