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VR: Virtual Reality- Equipment & Safety

The Play Space

When you ARE the player:

  • Let others know your designated play space boundaries.

When you ARE NOT the player:

  • Keep out of the designated play space. Only enter if you have the player's permission.
  • Let the player know when you enter and leave the room.

When Playing

When you ARE the player:

  • Let others know that you are playing and you may not be able to hear them or see them.
  • Set a time or alarm so you know how long you have been playing.
  • Always use the wrist straps.  Take the extra caution to ensure that to damage yourself, someone else, or the controllers.

Player's Choice

Putting on the headset should be the player's choice. Not everyone wants to enter into VR and we will never pressure you. Here are some reasons someone may not want to play:

  • Not liking things on their face or head.
  • Not wanting to get overheated.
  • Uncertainity of happenings in the physical surroundings.
  • Motion sickness, claustrophobia, or cleanliness.
  • Not wanting to play a certain game.
  • Not feeling like it... or any other reason.

Ask Before Helping

Being touched when not expecting it can be a jarring experience for people if the touch is not expected. If you need to touch the player for any reason, communicate the touch by saying, "Can I touch your left hand?" or "Can I touch your head?"


Virtual reality is not accessible for those with larger hair styles (e.g. buns, afros, braids, etc.). There are headsets straps that are development, but have not been released.  Try wrapping your hair into two points instead of one.


Although VR is trying to be more welcoming to those with accessibility issues, VR may still be restrictive to those with some differences:

  • Low or no vision or hearing
  • Large glasses
  • Social and developmental disorders and anxieties
  • Dexterity ability differences and neurological differences
  • Sensitivity to lights, loud noises, and sudden movements
  • And other physical and mental differences or preferences