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Health Economics: State of the State

Citing the ACS



State of the State Report PART 1

  1. Submission Part 1:  Introduction to your state (Due Oct 7th)
    1. This submission should include the demographic characteristics of the state.  This section will be completed as part of the in-class work session with Diane Campbell (Research Librarian) on Sept 30, 2019. 
    2. Collect the following information: Using Census data (American Fact Finder and QuickFacts) Using the most recent data available, identify key state demographics listed below and report the U.S. National Data (as the comparison): Collect the data and display data in an easy to comprehend format. Data/Variables to collect:
      1. Total Population (do not report the US Total Population)
      2. Percentage of people under 5
      3. Percentage of people under 18
      4. Percentage of people 65+
      5. Median Age of Population (most recent data)
      6. % White
      7. % Black or African American
      8. % Asian
      9. % AIAN
      10. % Hispanic
      11. % White non-Hispanic
      12. % Black non-Hispanic
      13. Origins;
        1. (% Foreign Born)
        2. (% of Foreign Born not a U.S. citizen)
      14. % population with income below the poverty level (100% of FPL)
        1. All people
        2. All families
        3. Families with female householder, no husband present
      15. % labor force unemployed – annual average
      16. Median Household Income
      17. Health Insurance Coverage
        1. Within the Civilian noninstitutionalized population:
          1. % with health insurance; % with private health insurance; % with public health insurance; % No health insurance
      18. Educational Attainment:
        1. % High School Graduation or Higher
        2. % Bachelor Degree or Higher
        3. Race and Hispanic/Latino Origin by Educational Attainment
    3. Write a narrative and discuss and summarize the key findings. Only discuss data that you think is important in describing your state. This is an individual submission, the presentation is the only part that is a group grade.