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Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program (Cook)

“Navigating the Information Battlefield: Strategic Research Skills for Vet Ventures" - A Library Research Guide for the Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program (Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, NBCB, Rider Univ.)


Hi, veteran scholars! We are Professor-Librarian Robert J. Lackie and Associate Professor-Librarian Heather Dalal from the Rider University Library. We are the dedicated library liaisons to this Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program, which is part of the Norm Brodsky College of Business's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Rider University. We are looking forward to working with you and offering you personalized research guidance throughout your vet program here!

This Rider University Library research guide offers the context and basics of research strategies and tools, saving you time and maximizing your learning.

It's a complicated world of information, and the Rider University Library is here to provide access and help you navigate. Use the tabs and their subpages above to assist you in finding appropriate resources for your topics to efficiently and effectively complete your research assignments.

Be efficient. Be scholarly. Use all of the Libraries' resources--print, Internet-based, and human!

Robert J. Lackie

Robert J. Lackie

Heather Dalal

Heather Dalal

Moore Library 330


Moore Library 334
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