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Consumer Data via Simmons

How to Access Quick Reports

From the top menu, select Profile, then Quick Reports.

Screenshot of Simmons interface.  Under Profile on the top menu bar, select Quick Reports from the

Use the Composer to find a question you'd like to generate a report about


There will be a pop-up, click Composer


Screenshot Simmons showing the Composer pop-up


1. Search for keyword (mixer)
2. Expand to find a relevant question


Simmons screenshot with arrows pointing to search box (with word mixer) and to a category "Prepared Mixed Drinks"

3. Select the boxes next to the relevant response(s)


4. Select AND or OR


5. Click Add



Note: Your selections will differ based on your specific need. Using “OR” in your search will yield information on individuals who consume any of the beverages, while “AND” will limit to those who drink ALL of them. Those results might be too limited to be statistically significant.


Screenshot to pointing to the steps with the text (same as steps 3-5 above).  3 points to boxes you will check. Step 4 point to the bottom of the page where you will find the EACH, OR, and AND options.   Step 5 is also bottom of the page, where you find ADD


6. Your choice is moved to the middle box



7. Select “Targets” at the bottom.Screenshot of Simmons interface showing your choice is moved to the middle box  and step 7. Select “Targets” at the bottom.


8. Click Create


Simmons Screenshot Click Create highlighted at bottom right

9. Select your desired report


Screenshot of Quick Reports available and text that reads select your desired report

10. Cite!Citation