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Consumer Data via Simmons

Using Crosstabs

Simmons provides the ability to make crosstabs to analyze relationships between thousands of variables. 

1. From the top menu bar, select Analyze, select Crosstab. This will open the Composer window where we can build the elements of our crosstab.

2. Select the study you will pull data from. The most recent 12-month study will be selected by default, but you can change this by clicking the dropdown menu. Different studies use different questions and  definitions. 

screenshot simmons expanded menu under study (top left)



3. In the bar below Dictionary, Search for a product, brand, or interest 

You will see the general category(s) in which your search term can be found.


4. Select a category and the targets appear in the left-middle column.


5. Select the target that is most relevant.


6. At the bottom select EACH, OR, or AND 

EACH gives breakdown of each target.
OR gives the data about those who answered any of the targets.
AND gives you a report of those who use all of the selected targets.


7. Click ADD at the very bottom of the left-middle column. 

Simmons crosstab set up with the steps 3-7 highlighted

8. Now your targets appear in the middle column, drag them to the bases, columns, or rows, 

Typically, the columns of a crosstab are the audience you want to know about, or the "target". This could be a certain demographic group, media consumer, or (in this case) brand consumer.

You may add multiple columns for comparison, such as this example which compares the those whose activities to relieve stress via meditation or exercise. You may also modify the labels of the items for easier reading later. 


simmons screenshot dragging targets to column

9. Select another variable for comparison.

Here, I've selected a question with two parts. At the top, you'll see the frequency and the bottom, activities. You will not be able to select EACH OR AND untill you've properly selected both options.

Simmons screenshot composer window with How Often Engaged in Leisue activities options

10. Here is our preview. I have edited the name, by clicking on the three dots to the right.
11. Select what you want, and click run report

screenshot crosstab preview- column to the right

Here is our completed crosstab.

See below image for interpreting results.

Simmons Crosstab relieve stress and attending events

Interpreting Results
Unweighted - The number of people who answered the question

Weighted - How many Americans that would be, but add 000 to the end of the number.

Vertical - The percentage of those who answered the column (meditate or exercise) that also selected the question in the column (virtual event or adult education).

Horizontal - The percentage of those who answered the row (virtual event or adult education) that also selected column question (meditate or exercise)

Index - An index score of 100 is how likely someone is to do something compared to everyone else. A number above 110 and under 90 is significant.  We can see here that those who mediated are very likely to attend a virtual revent, more so than the exercisers, but still both groups are above.