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CIS-385 Management Information Systems

Prof. Drew Procaccino

Search Skills

Volvo AND information technology

(pharmacy OR pharmacies) AND information technology

"Google analytics" AND "search engine optimization"

"social networking sites" AND (promot* OR advert*)

facebook AND (promot* OR advert*)

wiki AND "internal communication"

blog AND communication AND compan*

"web 2.0" AND "business use"

twitter AND "business use"

1. Use quotes to search a phrase


"social networking"

"web services"


2. Boolean operators OR, AND, NOT




AND-Connects different concepts and narrow down a search


    "social networking" AND "business use"

    wiki AND  "internal communication"


OR-Connect similar concepts and broaden a search

     females OR ladies OR girls OR women

    "mash up" OR mashup OR mash-up


 NOT-"NOT" or "AND NOT" will exclude a term from a search

    wiki NOT blog

    communication NOT wireless


3. Use Brackets in Search Statement

    "social networking" AND (advertising OR promotion OR customer relation)

    (mashup OR mash-up OR "mash up") AND "business use"


4. Truncation symbols to broaden your search, "*" and "?"

     comput*-computer, computers, computation, computational, computerizing, computerized

     wom?n-women or woman

     social network*-social network, social networks, social networking


5. Search not case sensitive

 Bill Gates=bill gates

United States=united states