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CIS-385 Management Information Systems

Prof. Drew Procaccino

Examples of Two Hoax Sites

Evaluating Internet Resources

Anyone can put up stuff on the Internet. Some of those stuff can be biased, fake, or out of date. The information in subscription-based databases in Rider Libraries has gone through censorship by peer-reviewers or editorial board. You must evaluate their quality.

Evaluation Criteria


Be skeptical.

Does the site smell fishy?

Is there an author (or corporate author) listed?

Does the author have credentials?

Who sponsored the page?

Does the author cite sources?


Is the point of view objective?

Is the author biased?

Is the author fair and even-handed in discussing opposing arguments?

Does the author or sponsor have a conflict of interest?

Could they benefit by giving you less than accurate information?


What level is the target audience?

Is the content comprehensive or light?


Is the site recommended by trustworthy outsiders?

Does this site contradict other sites?If so, who's right?

What research methods were used?

When was the source last updated?

Is the information outdated?


Is the site relevant to your topic?

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