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Searching the Libraries' collections

Library One Search cross-searches most of the library's resources, including books, ebooks, scores, audios, videos, journal articles,  streaming audio and video, and more!

You can find it on the library website - it's our default search box!

Library home page with a red arrow pointing to the One Search tab and search box.

Too many hits?

  • Filter by source type (book, article, newspaper, etc.) or by subject.
  • Slide the date bar (or type in dates) to change your date range.
  • Open the "Database" filter to choose specific databases.
  • Limit to "Rider University Libraries Catalog" to find books/ebooks, DVDs, and government documents in our catalog.
  • Choose specific disciplines to search in before you search!
  • ASK A LIBRARIAN! We are here to help!


Limit To options: Online Access & In Library; Online Access; Peer Reviewed; Date slide bar; "Show More" to see more options

Find (almost) all of the library's materials in one place: articles, books, video and audio materials, and more!

Library One Search cross-searches the library catalog and most of our databases.

More Authoritative than Google.

Google searches return the good, the bad, and the ugly. It's up to you to figure out which is which.

Using the new Library One Search box gives you the simplicity of the Google Box with the authority of results chosen for academic libraries.

Library One Search will tell you what format or genre you have: book, book chapter, academic article, magazine article, report, etc. It can also give you a citation in various forms: MLA, APA, Chicago, and others.

Log in with your Rider Google account to save searches and create folders for all of your research projects!

Books, articles, music, video, and more!

Use this tool to find articles, books, video and audio materials, and more. A wide variety of full text materials is included, as well as location information for hard copy materials in the Rider University Libraries.

From your intitial search results, use the left hand navigation bar to narrow, refine, and customize your search.



More than one search box helps you conceptualize your topic and refine your search by swapping out different concept and terms more easily and efficiently.

  • Enter distinct concepts into different boxes.
  • Use synonyms or similar concepts joined by OR to broaden your search.
  • See Searching Tips and Strategies for more specifics!
  • Ask US!

First search box: climate change AND second search box ocean OR sea


First search box: social media; second search box joined by AND: gender OR sex; third search box joined by AND: identity


First search box: video games; second search box joined by AND: learning OR education OR teaching; third search box joined by AND: behavior


These databases are currently NOT YET AVAILABLE for searching via Library One Search.

You will need to search them individually.

Limit to "Rider University Libraries Catalog" to find books, chapters in books, and DVDs.

Either BEFORE your search:




Limit to facet shows "show more" highlighted; window opens to the right, which shows the Rider University Libraries Catalog limit with a checkbox