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Information Literacy – Tutorials

Important Information for Implementing Credo

Quiz grades can be sent directly to your Canvas Gradebook if integrated into Canvas or your email but you must ask your students to include your email after they have concluded any quizzes. They will be prompted at the end of their quiz to add any emails that would like to see their test results. 

Please contact the Heather Dalal ( if you require any help.

Rider Libraries Tutorials

The Rider University Librarians will support your pedagogy and course objectives with tutorials. Please contact your subject librarian or Heather Dalal and Robert Lackie (Co-coordinators) to request a tutorial.


This guide contains links to specific tutorials available through Credo Information Literacy, a subscription package.
We suggest Faculty review the materials here first, but then add them to their class via Canvas for greater access to the materials.


Instructions for adding Credo Information Literacy Tutorials to Canvas


1. Add item to Canvas Assignments or Module by clicking + on the right hand side. 

2. Add to Type = External Tool

3. More Options

4. Click the drop-down arrow to copy the red LTI Link from Credo Information Literacy Guide

5. Paste it in the Canvas link box

6. Save & Publish