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Credo Information Literacy-Core

What Is Credo Information Literacy-Core

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What Is Credo Information Literacy-Core
Credo's Information Literacy–Core is a comprehensive online resource comprising videos, tutorials, and quizzes that focus on enhancing information literacy skills. This resource is available for free use by students and faculty, both on and off the campus.

The resource aims to:

  • Help students learn how to find relevant and reliable library and other research materials
  • Formulate appropriate, workable research questions
  • Synthesize what they learn into a final product such as a research paper, including citations that are apt for their field


Wondering how Information Literacy–Core works in real-life classrooms? This brief case study illustrates how Teri Catanio, an instructor and Director of the Career Center at Cairn University, PA, used Information Literacy–Core to increase her students' research and writing abilities. The gains were immediate and persisted long-term, making the professors work easier and the students more successful.

Instructions for adding Credo Information Literacy Tutorials to Canvas


1. Add item to Canvas Assignments or Module by clicking + on the right hand side. 

2. Add to Type = External Tool

3. More Options

4. Click the drop-down arrow to copy the red LTI Link from Credo Information Literacy Guide

5. Paste it in the Canvas link box

6. Save & Publish