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Choosing & Identifying the Best Source Types for Your Research

Learn about all the different source types and when they are appropriate and helpful to you in the research process: encyclopedias, Wikipedia, books, scholarly articles, popular articles and magazines, trade magazines, news, and websites!

At your finger tips, but evaluate!



Make use of the REFERENCES and SOURCES to continue your research and double-check facts.


Source Types


Used for



· An online encyclopedia.

· Articles can be edited by anyone.

· Contains broad subject areas.

· Uses reliable sources as support.

· Reliability of Wikipedia (

· Easy access for everyone.

· Helpful background information on any topics.

· May lead to valuable online sources and books and articles available through Rider University Libraries.


· Authors not known.

· All information may not reliable and can be misleading.

· Quality among articles is not even.

· Professors generally do not accept this as a valid source for scholarly work. Articles cannot be cited in papers.