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Choosing & Identifying the Best Source Types for Your Research

Learn about all the different source types and when they are appropriate and helpful to you in the research process: encyclopedias, Wikipedia, books, scholarly articles, popular articles and magazines, trade magazines, news, and websites!

Magazines and Newspapers


Source Types


Used for


Magazines and Newspapers

·   Reports on time sensitive news, current events and popular topics.

·   Written by journalists and editorial staff.

·   Articles not reviewed by subject experts.

·   Report research studies, but do not contain original research.

·   Have illustrations and photos to add interest to the article.

·   The language used is understood by the general public.

·      Most articles are brief unless featured.

·      Do not cite sources.

·   Most current news and events, spirit-of-the moment information.

·   Find information or opinions about popular culture.


·      Authors’ credentials may not be known.

·      Generally not in-depth or comprehensive information.



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