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Finding the Full Text of Articles

Found the perfect article, but there is no link to the full text? We might have access through another database! Here's how to check.

Connecting Google Scholar to Rider University

When you are on campus, your IP range identifies you to Google as being part of Rider University.

When you are off campus, you can configure Google in three easy steps to link yourself to Rider University:  Settings -> Library Links -> Rider University.



1. Go to Click on "Settings" under the menu on the upper left.



2. Click on Library Links.





3. Type in "Rider University Libraries" and click search.




4.  Rider University should appear checked, along with Open WorldCat - Library Search (searches over 10,000 Libraries Worldwide, including Rider).



5. In a list of your search results, you will be able to tell immediately whether Rider University Libraries has access to an item with the "Get It @ Rider University!" link.


6. When you click on the "Get it" link, you will be brought to the Rider University EasyPass page to authenticate yourself as a member of Rider University. Enter your Rider Key log on information. You will then be brought to the article. 

  • Alternatively, you can check whether we have access to the journal using the Journals button on the library website (bottom right).


7. Questions?  Contact a librarian @ 609.896.5115 or through Ask a Librarian.