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Libraries’ Early Closing Extended Hours Program Policy


Occasionally, due to inclement weather, current or impending, the University closes early. If at all reasonable, the Libraries may provide service beyond these hours recognizing the needs of residential students, particularly when classes are cancelled. In order to accomplish this, a pool of library faculty and staff willing to participate in this activity will be established. It is presumed that a geographically proximate residence would be a strong factor in willingness to participate, as extended travel hazards are the reason for early closing.


Should the University close prior to 4pm it may be desirable to attempt to provide basic service until as late as 6pm. If weather allows, up to 4 hours of additional service might be provided for each incident under this plan. Once the plan has been implemented changing conditions may mitigate shortening hours. That decision may be made by the senior ranking employee present.

Chairs and support staff supervisors in collaboration with the dean will determine the reasonableness of implementing the plan. This should be based on the current weather conditions and the likelihood of participating staff getting home safely a few hours later.


Minimum Staffing should consist of one clerk and one librarian for more than three hours; or one clerk and two students for less than three hours. Each semester the chair of each library will request volunteers for the pool, and make this list available to supervisors and the dean. At the announcement of early closing, a decision will be made about the appropriateness of attempting extended hours. As necessary staff on the lists will be asked about their ability to stay for that instance, and a crew will be set.


Compensation shall be according to applicable contracts. This may allow some employees to elect time off in the future rather than additional pay.


The following notifications will be made: signs posted in the libraries, the Provost’s Office, WCC Dean’s Office, Security Office, Public Relations Office (with the request that the information be provided in the voicemail closing notice), Media Services (with the request that the information be provided on the Rider Webpage closing notice).

Policy Approved as amended, LAPC 04/05-3 April 12, 2005

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