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Writing Program Notes


Some ideas of physical items to use...

Composer biographies



Books about writing about music, like the two resources below:

Both Talbott Library and Moore Library a large collection of CDs and DVDs of recorded performances available to check out, including the liner notes! 

To limit your search to CDs and DVDs in the catalog: 


First, search for your piece in the catalog.



After searching for your piece, look at the left side of the screen. Under the area that says "Refine by", you should find "Format". Under "Format", click on "Music Recording". 



This will limit your search to musical records!



Now, this will show more than just the CDs and DVDs in the collection. So, from here we will need to limit our search a little bit further.


If you scroll past the section for "Library", you will find a section titled "Location". Click where it says "more >" at the bottom of the list of locations.



This shows a bunch of different locations within the libraries that hold sound recordings! If you want a physical item that we can check out at Talbott, select the option for "Talbott Media" and click "Apply". This limits the search to only items in the Talbott Media collection.



Now, you have limited your search to music recordings and to the Talbott Media collection! 


Take some time to browse the records from your search.


Let's say that the image below shows the record CD you are most interested in checking out:



Take a look at the record. If you look under where it says "Items" on the record, you will see that it lists the location, call number, status, etc. of the item. In order to retrieve the item, you will need the call number! Write down the call number and take it up to the circulation desk. From there, the staff member will retrieve the item for you to check out.