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Statistics, infographics, industry reports, and more!


What subjects?

While we think of this database as focused on business, industry, and market research, there are many other statistics available. For example:

Mental Health Issues

Performing Arts

Statista home page


Enter a search term in the box. Then review results or look to the left for some limiters

Filtering by Region is very helpful; you can also chose Subject.

Below filters are other search options.





home page - statista

Text from image above:

Find out where the statistics come from – left hand side.

Click on Source, Release, or Further info as you will need this information to verify or correct the Citation listed below.

For example:

This citation lists (n.d.) (no date). This is incorrect. There is a date for this chart. Cite the best you can so your readers will be able to track down the original source of the statistic if needed.