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CMP-125 (Ionescu, Spring 2024)

Prof. Iwona Ionescu


Dear CMP-125 Students,

Welcome to Rider University Libraries.

If you have difficulty finding materials on your subject or cite sources, please contact me or other librarians. You can also make an appointment with me or any librarians to have an one to one session. We will walk  you through the research process step by step until you are comfortable to get what you need. We also provide online chat and zoom sessions to help you.

Thank you and wish you do well with your class writing project.

Sharon Yang/Professor-librarian (yangs@ride.redu)



Those are the library hours:

M-T: 8 am -9 pm

Friday: 8 am -5 pm

Saturday: closed

Sunday: 1 pm -9 pm

Call the library frond desk for more information: 609-896-5113

Please take advantage of your Embedded Tutor (ET), Ben Collins. 

Your ET holds weekly writing workshops, so please use this opportunity to work on your research project.

If you would like your ET to provide feedback on your draft, please email