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Gender & Sexuality Studies

Tips and resources for research in broad areas of focus: women's, men's, gender, and sexuality studies.

Associate Professor-Librarian

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Melissa A. Hofmann
Moore Library 331

Featured Courses for Spring 2023!

GSS 320: Sex, Gender, and Fairy Tales
Prof. Terra Joseph
MWF 10:20-11:20

Prince kissing Snow White, with the caption Finds a random corpse in the woods, kisses it over it in white capital letters.


Think you know fairy tales? Think again. It’s not all princes, princesses, and
happy endingseven when it is. From the early literary fairy tale by Italian
authors, to the 17th-century French women writers who named and
popularized the genre, to the 18th- and 19th-century stories geared toward
children, to Disney and beyond, we’ll analyze fairy tales to see what they
tell us about gender and sexuality historically and today. We’ll read classic
fairy tales from around the world and look at feminist and queer retellings
as well, examining how fairy tale themes and motifs permeate our culture.

This course fills the Literature requirement for General Education in the
College of Arts and Sciences under The Aesthetic Perspective: The Arts and
the Human Spirit.

GSS    400    TE1    Sem in Transculturl Gendr&Sexu    Titus (Megan L.)    3.0    T    06:30PM-09:30PM

GSS 400 TE1.: Onna to Otoko: Gender and Sexuality in Japan

Come join us for a semester of analysis focusing on the shifting beliefs and practices surrounding gender and sexuality in Japan. We will read Japanese literature in translation, watch Japanese film and anime, and study historical and contemporary perspectives on Japanese gender and sexuality.

This course counts towards Global Perspectives in the College of Arts and Sciences core.

GSS    100    O1    Intro to Gender Studies    Lanier (LaDawn)    3.0    TTH    04:30PM-06:00PM

GSS    110    I1    Race/Class/Gender Amer Society    Cardona (Antonio)    3.0    MW    02:50PM-04:20PM                        
GSS    110    N1   Race/Class/Gender Amer Society    D'Angelo (Michele)   3.0    TTH    02:50PM-04:20PM       


This guide is designed to make your research into issues of gender and sexuality easier. It is continually being updated, and as such is a work-in-progress. Feedback is welcome.

  • Need articles? Use the Databases: Finding Articles & More tab, which lists appropriate and helpful databases to search.
  • I have provided tips and resources for broad areas of focus: women's, men's, gender, and sexuality topics.  These are not mutually exclusive, but I am hoping the distinctions may help you focus and explore.

Please contact me with questions or for individualized research assistance!

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