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CMP-203: Literature and Composition (Muzyk, Spring 2022)

Associate Professor-Librarian

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Melissa A. Hofmann
Moore Library 331

Learning Objectives

  1. Articulate the place of the academic library in the information landscape.
  2. Navigate and describe the resources available on the library home page.
  3. Differentiate between source types: scholarly/peer reviewed vs. others
  4. Use the library catalog to search for books and book chapters.
  5. Use Library One Search to search for literary criticism.
  • Place author and title into separate search boxes and toggle between keyword and subject.
  • Navigate the screen and understand search filters and options.
  • Limit by source type/understand source type of your results.
  • Evaluate results.
  • Modify search if necessary.
  • Get the full text (article or book/book chapter)

6. Search individual literary databases for a more controlled experience.