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U. S. Census Data is the federal government platform to access data and digital content from the U.S. Census Bureau. Learn about America's businesses and communities through census data profiles. Users can also visualize data through interactive maps and tables.

There are Basic and Advanced Search interfaces. Each may find different information. search interface

Sample Search: Find the population by race for Lawrenceville NJ in 2010. 

1. Use the Basic search box, type keywords "race new jersey"

1. Basic Search: Enter the most important elements of your search keywords in the search box. 

a. Enter keywords: race Lawrenceville New jersey 

Census basic search for Lawrencevill NJ race population

b. Click on Search, you will see the table below. It has only race information for NJ information, but not for Lawrenceville. It is from American Community Survey, not from the 2010 Census.

Table including race for New Jersey

c. Click TABLES on top of the page to get the current table (right sight) and the other tables (left side) of the search results. Scroll down the tables and you will see three RACE tables from the 2010 Census. Check which one has the race you need. If you are looking for the specific Asian groups, you need Table PCT23. Click that table. 

Choose the correct table for your information needs

This table is for New Jersey. You want to customize the table to get the table for Lawrenceville.  Click "CUSTOMIZE TABLE" on top of the current Table. 

customize table

d. Click "2 Geographies" icon and delete the incorrect place at the bottom of the page - Lawrenceville city, Georgia. 

Click Geography icon

delete the incoorrect geography by clicking the x next to the geography

e. Select County Subdivision > New Jersey > Mercer County, New Jersey > Lawrence township, and click "Close" button to select the new geographical location (Lawrence township, Mercer County, NJ is selected). 

Choose county subdivision to locate Lawrence township of New Jersey

f. Customize your table by expanding or reducing the column and data categories.

customize table width and categories

Use Advanced Search link 

Sample SearchFind the mean income of population for zip code 08648 ( Lawrenceville, New Jersey).

1. Click Advanced Search link, at the Filter Menu, select Geography > Zip Code Tabulation Area > mouse over the search icon, enter zip code.  

2. Select the zip code check box and click Search. 

Search zipcode

3. Select Topics from the Filter menu > Income and Poverty > Income and Poverty 

When you see the last solid check box, that is your final selection available. After you select the box, you will se your selected items at the bottom of the screen. 
On the left hand, you will see the Tables choices, select one table and click "HIDE" on the upper right corner to display the table. 

Select topics for Income

You may click the down arrow key to see estimated data for different years of ACS. 

ACS income table


At the selected geography area table (zip code 08648), select Maps next to Tables on left top, the map of the geographic area is displayed.

select Maps to see the map of selected geographic area



To export the table: Right click on the table to export it to MS Excel. The result is not pretty, you may need to adjust the table. 

export table to MS Excel



To copy and paste the table to MS Excel: 
    1. Courser on the table, click Ctrl and a at the same time to select the table.
    2. Right click the mouse on the table and select "Copy with headers".
    3. Open a blank Excel file and past the table to the file.
    4. Save the Excel file and print it. 

Copy the table to MS Excel file