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MCS 110 Race, Class, and Gender


one Search

Cross-searches most of the library's resources, including books, scores, audios, videos, journal articles, electronic resources, and more.

Does not search GenderWatch. Make sure to GenderWatch separately (see core databases for more info).

You can limit your search beforehand to specific disciplines that will contain articles on race, class, and gender. These concepts are cross-disciplinary, so these are just examples. For example, if your topic is one of these facets in education, you could limit to "Education" instead of, or in addition to, other disciplines. 

Or you can limit to certain subjects after your search, using the limiters to refine your search.

These databases span several fields (humanities, arts, sciences, social sciences). They are collectively searched in Library One Search, but you may choose to search them separately.

Search these subject-specific databases to find articles on your topic from experts in that discipline.

For example, if you are looking at psychological issues of abused women, PsycInfo, a psychology database, will be the best source.