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Using IBISWorld

IBISWorld has a search box you can use directly but we may not have access to all the reports mentioned in the results.  To see the accessible reports, use the two links, Industry Research and Expert Tools that are above the search box.


In Industry Research, we only have access to US reports (see below). International industry profiles are available in Business Source Premier and FactSet. We don't subscribe to Expert Tools.


Below is what a report looks like and every tab on the side links to lots of information.



Citing an IBISWorld Industry Profile (PDF)


Example Citation

Amari, R. (2012, July). Cosmetic & Beauty Products Manufacturing in the US 
     (Technical Report No. 32562). Retrieved from IBIS World database. 


Parts of a Citation


For help accessing Noodletools, see


The following are direct links to pieces of the above tutorial:


We have access to many industry profiles, but each publisher has their own division of businesses into industries and not all industries have profiles in all the profile collections.  It is worthwhile to check them all even if you find information on your industry in one of them.  Different publishers, different information!

Industry Codes/NAICS/SIC

NAICS and SIC codes help classify and measure industry activity.
Knowing the code for your industry will help you find reports, articles, and other information on that industry.

Even though the codes are standardized, different resources will assign codes differently. Additionally, many companies can have multiple codes because of their various business segments. Be flexible and cautious when using codes to search, and always check multiple sources.

Note: Sometimes there isn't a perfect or obvious code. If you have questions, please contact a business librarian.