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CYBR-500-OLA (Hawthorne)

Research guide for Rider University's M.S. in Cybersecurity program and "Beyond Code: Cybersecurity in Context" online course with Dr. Beth Hawthorne

Google Tips & Tricks

Google Web Search
Use Specific Phrase Use quotes" " around your search terms to find a specific phrases, rather than the words separately.
Site Specific

Type site:, followed by a url to search only that website.

Type to only retrieve websites from a university or college.

Type  to only retrieve websites from with the top-level domain country code for the United Kingdom

Document Types Type: file:ppt  to only find Powerpoint files.  Repeat for other document extensions: .doc, .pdf, etc.
OR Use OR between two similar terms to ask Google to return websites with either term. 
Use Google Advanced Search Go to Google's Advanced Search page to more search options

Learn how to develop effective keywords

Start with broader searches, and then narrow your focus.

  • Keep a running list of terms you have tried, where you have tried them, and what worked and what didn't.
    • This will help you reduce wasted effort redoing work you've already done.
  • Use synonyms and any suggested subject terms or keywords
    • i.e. mobile banking, mobile commerce, mobile money, transfer payments
  • Add descriptive keywords like "forecast," "market," and "sales" to your search to retrieve more relevant results.

If you have questions about your specific topic, contact your librarian!

Google Scholar Search