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Intro to Public Health Spring 2022

Find Legislation

1. has an option to search by keyword or subject on the main page.

screenshot gov track us first page

2. On the results page, there are limits to see where it is in the process of becoming a law, among other limits. 

screenshoot of


3. Once you find a record, you can read it. And click on the Details tab to see the roll call votes, if any.

screenshot of with arrows to details and votes

Here is an example of a bill record with a roll call vote. 

bill record from with Roll Call votes.

1. Type in keywords and limit just to legislation screenshot

2. Limit to subject areas if desired.

screenshot from subject area.

3. Pay attention to the Tracker listed under each bill: you won't find votes if it hasn't passed yet.

screenshot search results

4. Here's a bill that passed the house. We need to get the bill number (circled in the screenshot in red).

screenshot or bill with the bill number circled in red.


5. Now we can go to the Congress Roll Call votes

screenshot of a bill with votes