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Services for Online Courses -For Faculty


Fostering the development of information literacy and enhancing connections between teaching and learning for lifelong success is what librarians do. Research instruction is a key component. Instructors know their students and their needs best. That is why we work with instructors to provide research support for an assignment. Activities can range from basic to advanced-level involvement with a librarian.

Research GuidesOne of the most common things librarians do for all courses is to create a research guide tailored to the course. The library website provides access to over 100 databases and it can be overwhelming. 


Tutorials: We create tutorials on how to search through databases or for a specific type of research (i.e. information about the market. 

Lecture Captures: A librarian can supply a short lecture capture, either one given to a face- to-face version of the course or a new lecture created specifically for this course.


Synchronous sessions:  If a course regularly meets synchronously using a synchronous meeting tool (i.e., Big Blue Button, Google Hangouts), a librarian can present research instruction during a class session.

Librarian Role on Canvas

You can add a librarian in the "librarian role" on Canvas. This gives the student quick access to their librarian.


  • Discussion Forums: working with the librarian, a faculty member can create discussion forums on various topics where students are required to participate as part of an assignment in order to develop their research skills.
  • Sample discussion forums might include developing a research strategy, finding peer-reviewed articles, and evaluating information on the Web. The librarian can monitor the discussion forums and provide feedback.