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NUR 402 Scholarship for Evidence Based Practice


Welcome! This guide is designed to help students in NUR 402 with their research. If you'd like more general nursing research advice, please see the RN to BSN research guide

We are your nursing librarians. Please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance with your research. 

If you need immediate assistance, call or email the Moore Library reference desk. 609 896 5115 or 

Pat & Heather

Research is a conversation

The web, newspapers, and magazines are filled with articles about medical research studies. How do you know you have the best information? 
You can research scholarly literature. Scholarly literature is written by experts and peer reviewed for quality and authority. 

But each article is just one part of a conversation. One article can contradict another. As medical professionals, how do you know what to trust? 
Might we suggest a literature review to get you started?  

Essentially, a literature review surveys and summarizes prior knowledge pertaining to a specific topic. A literature review most often surveys knowledge in written forms (i.e., “the literature”), such as journal and conference papers, books, magazine articles, patents, government publications, etc., but it also can include personal interviews and other non-written sources of information.  

Learn more about Literature Reviews and other types of articles in scholarly publications.