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Nexis Uni

Nexis Uni (formerly Lexis Nexis) is a comprehensive databse including news, business, and legal research.

Finding Newspaper Articles

Nexis Uni has Legal Cases, Company Profiles, and Newspapers. 

To search just through the News, you can conduct a search in the big search box and either narrow results after you search by clicking on the facet on the left hand side. Or you can limit before you search by click on All of Nexis Uni to select a specific content type and select News.

screenshot of nexisuni searching for marijuana legislation

Screenshot of nexis uni results for marijuana legislation

screenshot nexis uni to narrow results before a search


While working with results, do not forget to use all the facets available to you on the left hand side, including "search within results," date, and so many more options. 

screenshot nexis uni - facets on the left hand side

Guided search makes it easy. Find it below the big search box. Click News, type in your search terms, and select dates, then click search.

Screenshot - nexis uni - guided news search

To find the advanced search, click on "advanced search" under the large search box. 

Screenshot - how to get to advanced search in nexis uni


Instead of searching everything, click "Select a specific content type" to search only through News.

The search boxes below will guide you to employ advanced searching techniques.

For example if you want to find the phrase guidance counselor,  type this phrase in the box that reads "all of these terms."  After you have filled our your box(es), click the Add button. This will add those terms with the proper advanced search commands.

screenshot Nexis Uni with terms filled in the boxed.  The Add button is highlighted


In this picture, you can see the search terms added to the search box

Screenshot nexis uni with terms applied to search box

These advanced search commands are also to the left of the terms boxes so you can types these (and other power commands) in yourself.