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News Sources in Library Databases


CHOOSE A SEARCH OPTION. You can limit to news searching in two places right from the first search screen.

1. Advanced Search

  • Brings you to a new screen where you can select the News template to define and limit your search.

2. Guided Search

  • Search from this screen by entering terms in "Search in All News for" and selecting date options in "Choose date range."


Three places on the Nexis Uni you can limit to news searching.

Select the News tab on the Advanced Search screen for news-specific options.

  • Several search boxes are presented so you can combine your terms with AND, OR, AND NOT.
  • Search boxes have drop-down menus so you can limit your terms to certain fields (title, headline, etc.).
  • Instructions for searching are available on the right.
    • Here "Proximity Operators" is expanded. (You can search terms within "n" words of each other!)
  • Select a Date Range.
  • Select a Language.
  • Select a specific publication to search within.
    • Typing in "Washington Post" presents you with an options to choose (one or multiple).


Shows options on the Nexis Uni Advanced Search screen. News tab is open and highlighted. Instructions such as Proximity Operators is highlighted. Options Language and Publication Source are highlighted, with Washington Post a search in source, with the available options appearing below.

The Guided Search allows you to select "News," enter terms in a search box, and select a date range on the home screen.

  • Date range options include: One day, 7 days, 3 months, One year, and an option to select a date range.

Guided Search for News has coronavirus "united states" in the search box and the date range options open.

Here are the results for our Guided Search: coronavirus "united states," limited to "One day."

  • "Narrow By" tells us how we have limited our search on the previous page: "News" and "One day": April 19, 2020 to April 20, 2020.
    • To remove either of these filters, hit the red x.
  • Below this is a search box to "Search Within Results" if you would like to add more terms to your search.
  • Additional filter categories include: Location by Publication, Publication Type, Subject, Industry, Geography by Document, Negative News, Sources, Language, and People.


Results screen with filters show on the left-hand side of the results.