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Stage Makeup /Costume Design

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Instruction & Emerging Technologies Librarian

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Heather Dalal
Moore Library Room 334
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Find Images

1. Enter the database and choose Advanced Search

Screenshot harpers bazaar with arrow pointing to advanced search

2. Enter Search terms, specific date range, and document feature(s).

harper's screenshoot advanced search page with arrows to search box, publication date, and document feature.


2b. For date range, consider a specific year or time period.


4. Click Search. on the results page, consider narrowing further with limiters on the left.

harper's results page with arrows to document type

Vogue works similar to Harper's Bazaar but has more with image searching, especially limiting to fashion items, designers, photographers, etc.

Enter your search terms and use the pulldown to the right of the search box. 

screenshot vogue search - highlight on pulldown to the right of search box.


If you pull down to any of those image search terms, a link will appear to look up the items (pictured below is fashion item). 


Screenshot vogue - look up fashion terms.