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EDLD 807 Law and Policy

Finding Articles

Typically, I'd send Education students to ERIC, but I found more searching Library One Search (the default search on the library website), Academic Search Premier, or Wilson OmniFile. Points of View Reference Center and CQ Research may also help.

Databases will allow keyword searching, however depending on your word choice, it can be met with varying success.
I'd recommend a simple search such as   Parkland shooting AND students rights


Then you can review the articles, abstracts, subject terms (left hand side or in the article record), to find different terms to search or add into your search to narrow.

Varying terms could be: 

Douglas High School Massacre   Student’s rights  First amendment rights  Protests  Freedom of speech vs demonstrative protests (in response to Black’s dissent)



Boolean Searching

Though databases can accept phrase searching, they were built on (and thrive on) boolean search.


Search Tips •	Look at the sides of the page – for limits to subjects,  dates, full text, & peer-reviewed.  And options to print, save, cite, etc..  •	Use Advanced Search – put one concept on each row  •	Use OR to combine synonyms; Use AND to narrow your search •	Use NOT to exclude a search term •	The truncation symbol for most databases is an asterisk (  *  ),   i.e.  transition*  will return transition, transitions, transitioning, etc.