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Evidence-based Practice Articles

LibGuide providing detailed instructions for finding evidence-based practice articles in EDUC-500, SPED-524, and other research-intensive courses


This research guide will help you research your selected education-related topics offering direction, strategies, and general research basics.  Use the tabs and their subpages above to assist you in finding appropriate resources for your topics in order to complete your research assignments.

Be efficient.  Be scholarly.  Use all of the Libraries' resources--print, Internet-based, and human!

Graduate EDUC & SPED research course professors and library faculty members have identified a searching strategy that is advanced but really helps to narrow search results to only empirical articles that discuss program evaluation (AKA, evidence-based practice). Follow these directions closely on the Advanced ERIC Searching and Advanced PsycINFO Searching pages on the left. It may appear complicated, but it will save you a lot of time and frustration! 

Also, below is a video put together by Associate Professor-Librarian Heather Dalal for a previous EDUC-500 course, showing students how to narrow their research findings to not just empirical studies/research reports, but also to evidence-based practice articles--this is a requirement in some EDUC & SPED research courses. Professor-Librarian Robert Lackie will be demonstrating all of this in your course-integrated research instruction session this semester, but please review all of this by watching Heather's excellent video, directly below. Other useful research guides are also on the left below the menu and our contact information is directly below--good luck in your research endeavors!

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