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CURR 700


Navigating the Library website

library website

Getting Started

Library website

Once in ERIC, click the Advanced Search link under the search box

Enter in your search terms. You can choose one of the suggestions, but check for spelling and make sure you capitalize the OR's. Otherwise, the database will search for the word "or".   OR is a command telling the database that you want to find articles with any of the terms you type in the box.

ERIC Advanced Search page with a text box of what's above.  Also the words COVID-19 OR typed in the box and search suggestions below.

You can also use truncation.  * is a truncation symbol and will return articles that contain variant word endings.
neurodiver* will return neurodiverse as well as neurodiversity

Screenshot ERIC advanced search with neurodiver* typed in the search box.   A text box contains the instructions above.

Your librarians

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Heather Dalal

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