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COUN-503 (Daniels)

Research guide for "Group Counseling" with Dr. Aubrey Daniels'


Hi! I'm Robert J. Lackie, Professor-Librarian at the Franklin F. Moore Library, and Library Liaison to the College of Education & Human Services. I have created this guide to best help you as you complete your assignments for your class this semester with Dr. Daniels.

This guide will provide context and basics in research strategies and tools, so you can save yourself time and get the most out of your learning.

It's a complicated world of information, and the Rider University Libraries are here to provide you with access and help you navigate. Use the tabs and their subpages above to assist you in finding appropriate resources for your topics in order to complete your research assignments.

Be efficient.  Be scholarly.  Use all of the Libraries' resources--print, Internet-based, and human!

Group Project: Group Work Proposal

The group proposal project should target a specific issue and apply a particular theory. The proposal will be evaluated on the criteria in the rubric. The key elements of the proposal presentation are:

a.   Overview of the targeted presenting issue and population. What is the definition of the presenting issue? What are the adverse symptoms as a result of this presenting issue? What do we know about your target audience, particularly in relation to this issue?

b.   Overview of counseling theory applied in session plans.

c.   Rationale for using group work in the treatment of this issue (e.g., apply Yalom’s curative factors and any research findings).

d.  Specific procedures and techniques you plan to use in conducting the group work with your target population or setting. Detailed session-by-session plans should be included (4 sessions in duration; 40 min./session). Session interventions should address the issues raised in the overview section above.

Your finished product (a-c) should be formatted as a professional presentation (e.g., PowerPoint or Prezi), accompanied by a word document for the four-session plans (d). Your group will present an overview of your group proposal and session plans on the last in-person session of the course. The entire project will also be assessed in accordance with clarity and style. The presentation slides, word document, & reference list should follow APA style, 7th ed. At least 8 scholarly references are required to support your overview, rationale, and proposed procedures. Please keep presentations within 15-30 minutes.

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